Friday, October 18, 2013

2001 Pageviews!

Oh Frabjous Day, callooh callay!

Somehow, it managed to get to 2001 without me noticing it!

If I'm not mistaken this also my 40th post. :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Doll I Made. 
Lord of the Rings doll maker. Fun!

The Liebster Award!

Elethia has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thanks Elethia!
For this award, I have to link back to the blogger who nominated me, Answer the ten questions they give me, and nominate ten other people and let them know. ( I don't know how many I'll get to, some of my friends have already gotten this!)

1.  If you were to become one of your own characters, which one would you want to become?

Hmm, good question, considering I'm not an author, and my fanfic characters are not that developed. But I'll probably go with Julissa Jade Taylor, my Marvel fanfic character.

2.  If you had a super power, (or multiple super powers) which would you want to have?

Flying. And Night Vision too. Can you imagine how handy those two would be?

3.  Would you rather have a pet dragon that you could ride, or have the ability to fly on your own?

The ability to fly on my own.

4.  If you were a different fantasy race, (i.e. Elf, Dwarf, Magical Being, Other) which would you be, according to your own personality?

According to my own personality? Hang on, let me go take a quiz.
K, I took three, and each time I got Elf. So I guess I'm an Elf.

5.  If you had to live in a different time period, which one would you want to live in?

Hmm, probably the 1950's. I don't know why. It just sounds cool.

6.  Continuing from the last question, in which time period do you think you would fit into the best?

I haven't the foggiest idea!

7.  If Christoper Columbus had come to you and asked for funding so that he could prove that the world was round and find a shorter route to India, would you have given him funding?

Probably not, considering I don't have funding!

8.  If you were given the option to travel back in time and alter one thing in history (whether your own life, or someone else's), would you do it?  If so, what would you alter?

I would go way back to the beginning and try to prevent the Fall.

9.  If a homeless man came up to you and said, "follow me," would you follow him?  (Because that's what Jesus's disciples did... pretty crazy when you think about it, huh?)

In this day and age? No way! For all I knew, he'd be some creepy stalker guy!

10.  If you were living in a story, what kind of character are you most likely to be?  Hero, Villain, Antihero, Anti-Villain, supporting character, evil minion/lackey, or the innocent bistander who's killed while uttering the Wilhelm Scream?

Probably a supporting character.


And now I tag

Oops, forgot questions.

1. What is your favorite story of all time? (books, movies, plays, etc.)

2. Fictional crush? (current or most recent)

3. What is your favorite song?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. Favorite winter activity?

6. Favorite summer/fall/spring activity?

7. What's your favorite holiday?

8. What's your favorite season?

9. Favorite outfit?

10. What was your favorite question to answer?