Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Tags, and Lots of News!

Wow! 3 tags and all the same as the first two!
So, 30 random facts, then news.

1. I like rain and thunderstroms. They're kinda relaxing, ya know?

2. I have lots of siblings!

3. I like acting.

4. I like watching musicals. And plays.

5. I love playing Nancy Drew computer games. Go mystery!

6. I love nerf guns!!!! And nerf swords!

7. I'm a little bit procrastinator-ish. 

8. I like making cards!

9. I'm eating angel food cake. (Mmm...)

10. It's a bit difficult to think of 30 random facts.

11. By the time I'm finished with this tag, I will have stated 50 random facts about myself.

12. I find this picture amusing.

13. I just ate the last of my cake. *sobs*

14. I love to read!

15. I likes the number 15. A lot.

16. I wish that the words 'a' and 'lot' could be put together as one word without red underlining. *another sob*

17. If I were an animal, I would be a dolphin!

18. If I were an insect, I would be a butterfly. (a very shy one at that...)

19. I've got 19 random facts. Whoopdedo!

20. If you asked me to name a decimal number, it would be either 2.25, or 2.45.

21. I like ASL. It looks pretty. :D

22. I'm listening to the song 'Everybody Wants to Be a Cat'.

23. If you asked me to name a favorite movie, I'd give you a list.

24.  Now, I'm eating a Butterfinger bar. Shh, don't tell my orthodontist! Sucking on it is the key!

25. I also like the number 25.

26. I like doing photography.

27. I want to learn to play guitar.

28. I did not make my bed this morning, *blushes*

29. I'm almost done!

30. I like to ride dirtbikes!

Yay! 30 random facts! And, I'm not going to tag anyone, or we shall be doing this tag to the end of the age! 
Now for news.

On Sunday night, one of our goats had two baby girls! They're soo sooo cute! The older one is named Clover, and the younger one is named Willow. XD I'll post pics sometime!
In other news, I had the best idea ever the other day! We took our little inflatable raft down our long driveway, and went boating on the huge puddle in the field! It was super duper fun! Mirillia (my sister) accidentally fell out of the boat and into the icy cold water! We all laughed so hard. :)


Friday, April 26, 2013

Charger cables!

I have an mp3 player. It's battery life is not as good as it advertised. So I charge it with my handy dandy charger cable, that plugs into a nice little wall adapter. The problem?
I'm not the only one who uses it.
Yup.  My oldest bro uses it but his ipod hardly needs to be charged. We took turns. The problem now?
My 4 year old brother got a phone.
Not kidding.
It can't call or text, but he can play ringtones. It's my moms old phone that she got rid of because of the battery life. The other day, I was trying to charge my mp3 player and it kept getting unplugged. He doesn't know how to wait. Then the next day when mine was done, he insisted on using my cable to charge his phone! *headdesk*
My dad finally set him straight about it, so hopefully, this won't happen again.
*wipes forehead*


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tagged again!

I got tagged again by Rayne Speryll! So, ten more random facts about myself!

1. I used to take a class in public school before I got kicked out for being a homeschooler, who lived in a different school district.

2. I am currently wearing light pink socks.

3. I have four favorite colors. In order, they are: blue, gray, white and black.

4. This picture reminds me of my siblings.

5.  I like superhero movies!

6. I loooove music!

7. I'm a Star Wars geek...nuff said.

8. I spent a long time last night reading jokes....and laughing over them.

9. If I had to choose a favorite season, I'd choose summer.

10. I love climbing trees.

And with that, I conclude my blog post! Farewell my friends!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Uh....I can't think of a title. You'll have to do without. Hey! What are you doing still reading this? Get to the post already!

Snow. I'm sick of it. About half of my yard is still covered with it. But it's melting! And I'm happy about it! This afternoon I raked the front yard, but the rest of the yard still has snow on it. It was a beautiful day today! I spent a lot of time on the swingset, and just walking around, enjoying the weather. There were only two bad things about today. Number one was language arts. Would anyone like to write a speech for me? I have no clue! Let's just say, that language arts is not my favorite subject. :( The other bad thing about today was my cough. It's got a death grip on me. I got it a few weeks ago, and it started to clear up, but yesterday it grabbed hold of me again. *coughs* I hope I get better soon.
Anyway, here's a parting note.
(Actually, a lot of notes.)


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tagged by Hyperlinkzer!

Yay! I got tagged! For this tag, I have to state 10 random facts about myself and then tag 10 other people.
Sounds simple enough!

Random fact number one: I like swinging on swingsets. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!

Random fact number two: I can't stand it when my pencils are dull. All my pencils must be very sharp.

Random fact number three: I loooove hoodies!

Random fact number four: I'm learning to speak Spanish.

Random fact number five: I cannot stand fingernail or toenail injuries. *shudders* 

Random fact number six: My hair is as straight as sticks. It doesn't look nearly as good on me as other people. I don't like it when it's straight.

Random fact number seven: I love the song Alone in the World from Rise of the Guardians.

Random fact number eight: I have a lot of trouble typing the word from. It always ends up as form.

Random fact number nine: I have a slight scar on the back of my left hand, from the time I burned myself on the wood stove, right after scratching it on a piece of wood.

Random fact number ten: I'm an audio technician in training. XD

And I tag:
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Christopher Hopper (christopherhopper.com)    (I have no idea if these two will answer it.)
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Happy tagging!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Take a look at this!

I found this picture online the other day.

And laaaaaaaaughed.
There is a freaky resemblance between Merlin and Jack Frost in his human form.
And that's all I have to say right now.
Except that I must apologize for not posting for so long...