Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Untitled Post that I Couldn't think of a Title For

To start off, My dad showed me this awesome video of an extremely talented drummer.

This dude even makes some awesome faces to top it all off!

Recently I've been playing a new Nancy Drew game called
The Phantom of Venice!!!!

It's an epic game so far! I love it!

Tonight, I was going to roll the dishwasher over to the sink to start it up, but my left elbow started hurting whenever I put pressure on it. :( Now I have it in a bandage to keep it stiff for a while. I'm hoping it's nothing serious. :/

Now a little bit of entertainment!

Enjoy! (wait, I always say that...)


Friday, May 24, 2013

I've been Loki'd-I mean Tagged!

Twice in fact! So now, I must state 20 random facts about myself...in addition to the 50 other ones I've already stated. Stated is a funny word. *snickers* Sorry, I'll just get to the facts.

Uno! I've been watching this tv show called Ultimate Spider-Man. It's hilarious.

Dos! My family and I(I almost said me and my family. 0_o) re-arranged my room the other day!

Tres! I keep getting The Phantom of Venice and The Merchant of Venice mixed up...

Cuatro!(yes, cuatro is spelled with a c!) I just hit my funny bone! OW!

Cinco! My younger sister is likely going to be taller than me. D:

Seis! I looove Jelly Beans!!! %D

Siete! I'm eating cookie dough!

Ocho! Raw cookie dough doesn't make me feel sick.

Nueve! This cookie dough has chocolate chips and peanut butter chips in it!

Diez! I'm halfway done! But you're probably tired of hearing that...

Once! I would really love a frappuchino right now...

I wouldn't mind having this shirt...

Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man 3 Shirt
Just sayin...

Doce! Mirillia won't let me have anymore cookie dough. Time to get her away from the bowl...hehehe....

Trece! She burned some of the cookies...

Catorce! I'm listening to awesome music right now!

Quince! I like counting in Spanish!

Diecesies! I can make my phone talk in Spanish!

Diecesiete! If you ask her, Siri will call you Batman. :D

Dieceocho! I'm holding a little orange dinosaur!

Diecenueve! Now I'm not!

Veinte! I learned how to make paper boats by reading Curious George. Amazing no?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

800 page views!!!

Thanks to all who contributed their views to this blog and to my dear followers!
And since I'm pumped right now...